A tour through Western Iceland in late Winter (March).

We woke to a light sprinkling of snow over the tent, but the conditions weren’t too arctic. We had slept somewhere along state highway 1, about 60km north of Reykjavik. We fired up the Primus Stove and had a hot brew of tea to start the day. The plan was, not to plan. We’d continue to drive West until either we could go no further, or we found great stuff along the way. Barely 10 minutes up the road, we came to a stop to admire a partially frozen lake holding melt-water from the mountains. The shoreline of the lake was a curious mix of ice, moulded into near perfect spheres pilled up on top of each other in the thousands. The icy balls parted into a small mound of snow sitting atop them, and then they morphed into a slushy type ice mix, before abruptly become liquefied melt water. A very curious sight, made much more spectacular by the mirror imagine of mountains reflected in ripples across the surface of the water. Read More

Schloss Neuschwanstein, the the fairytale castle, the inspiration for Disney’s logo, and with 1.4 million visitors a year.. One of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions. However, visit during the middle of winter as I did, when snow is falling from the sky, and the wind is blowing you sideways.. And you may consider yourself lucky, as you will have the normally teaming attraction all to yourself.

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