So, how does it work? As a generalisation, people arriving in New Zealand will begin their holiday in Auckland. That means hire cars are needed, in Auckland. Off goes the family, drives south and returns the car to Christchurch whereby they fly back to Auckland, end of trip. This is where you come in. Read More

The most well known hike in the whole of scandinavia, is the Bessegen Ridge. The route itself can actually be considered a day-walk (if taking the boat from Gjendeshiem early morning, then walking back) so I turned the route into a three-day trip utilizing some of the other excellent tracks in the Jotunheimen National Park to access more of its hidden beauty.  Read More


The Suunto Elementum Terra is the Rolls Royce of the Suunto outdoor line. Depending on your interest, three versions of the watch are available. The Terra model is Latin for Earth. The Aqua version is for water sports, and the Ventus for sailing.

I picked mine up brand new for about €650. Expensive you say? Sure. It’s a premium watch, from a premium company, and manufactured in Finland. So what exactly do you get for your money? The same computing power as a P.C of the same price? Not exactly. But the wrist size version of an outdoor weather-station, and the looks to boot. What Suunto has done with the Elementum series, is to produce a watch with function, and looks to match. The Terra is just as at home in a board-room meeting, as it is belaying on an ice-climb. After testing over 12 months, here are my opinions. Read More

Many people say 5 days minimum for Jerusalem. Believe me, if you’ve got all 5 days to spare then even then that wouldn’t be enough. The city is huge and there is so much to see. Add to that the strange opening hours, and you really have to be selective and keep an eye on your watch. Oh, and try to enjoy your time too!

This itinerary is how I spent my time in Jerusalem. It is not for the faint hearted! I wanted to see as much as possible with my time here, with minimal relaxation periods. Days one and two are reserved for the inner/old city whilst day three is for the larger Jerusalem area.

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The perfect mix of archeological sites, outdoor activities, biblical places and natural landscapes. Tried and tested, by me. The easiest way to get around is by Car. Car hire is quite cheap in Israel, and allows you to squeeze so much more into a short timetable. Allow extra time if taking public transport, possible one of two extra days as buses are not as regular as they would need to be, for a compact schedule. Hitch hiking is relatively easy in Israel, maybe faster than public transport if not hiring a car. Many of the detailed stories surrounding each day, I have written about so feel free to check them out in the Israel section for more information. Read More