Visiting the most biologically diverse area on the planet, a reserved zone inside the Amazon Rainforest, Manu National Park. Manu national park is over 1.5 Million Hectares in area. Over 800 species of birds, 200 species of mammals, 100 species of bats, 13 species of monkeys, and 12 species of reptiles! In the last, Read More

Crossing the equator for the first time is a big deal. The somewhat imaginary line is akin to loosing ones virginity once crossed (personal preference as to which one is more enjoyable). The term Pollywog is used to describe a person who has not crossed the equator and a shellback, once cruising overĀ . Fact, Read More

I coughed at the dust in my throat as the caged cattle truck rattled along the pot-holed road. Billowing dust was caught in our slipstream and churned straight back into our faces, along with a great deal of exhaust fumes from the old vehicle. We screeched to a stop, and I clambered to grab, Read More