Jerusalem is a treasure trove of historical jewels; from large to small, from Jew to atheist, there is something for everyone to see. And I will say out of all of the travelling I’ve done, Jerusalem lies at the very top of my travel destinations list. It is a city of soul, bustling with culture,, Read More

The Golan Heights is a place frequently seen on the news reel. Unfortunately its not always for the right reasons. Looking at a ‘politically correct’ map of the Golan Heights area of Israel/Syria can be quite confusing. Demilitarized zones, truce lines, peace lines, armistice lines, border lines. The BBC perhaps quite rightly describes it, Read More

The Dead Sea! I’m going to put this at the start, and just get it out there. This experience was one of the best experiences I’v ever had while travelling. And it is such a simple thing –  I find it hard to describe with any justice, just how fun it was!   How, Read More

Many people say 5 days minimum for Jerusalem. Believe me, if you’ve got all 5 days to spare then even then that wouldn’t be enough. The city is huge and there is so much to see. Add to that the strange opening hours, and you really have to be selective and keep an eye, Read More

The perfect mix of archeological sites, outdoor activities, biblical places and natural landscapes. Tried and tested, by me. The easiest way to get around is by Car. Car hire is quite cheap in Israel, and allows you to squeeze so much more into a short timetable. Allow extra time if taking public transport, possible one, Read More

Jerusalem is quite simply, the most influential city in the world. It has been captured and recaptured, 44 times, attacked 52 times, besieged 23 times, and twice, destroyed completely. And being the center of faith for the three major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – it still has as much of an importance in, Read More

In Part One we were in Nazareth. For Part Two we continue the Journey towards the shores of the Galilean Sea. The lake itself has many different names, all-attributing to its rich historical past. Sea of Galilee, Sea of Kinneret, Lake of Gennesaret, or Lake Tiberias. Along these famous shores much of Jesus’s ministry, Read More

The biblical land of Israel. Nowhere else on earth has such varied landscapes and such historical consequences within short distances of each other. Driving from the Syrian border of the Golan Heights to the Sea of Galilee, 40km of landscape that changes from snowy mountains, to fertile farmlands, through the dead desert landscapes of Jericho, to rich, oxygenated, Read More