Our plan was, to visit the Unesco World Heritage site of Takht e Soleyman. A 280km round trip (from Zanjan) over the Zagros Mountain Range, under which Iran has access to the second largest gas field on Earth. Approximately 5 hours drive (one way). No wonder most cars have been converted to run on CNG here,, Read More

Naqsh-e Jahan Square, in the centre of Isfahan, Iran. The shape actually being a rectangular 506m, by 160m and filled with the Middle East’s most beautiful gems that are unjustifiably unheard of in the outer world. Eye popping mosque’s, grand bazaars and spouting fountains, the size and grandeur of the whole thing matches the Vatican city and in, Read More

In the middle of the Dasht-e Kavir desert, and not even mentioned on the map, stands a tiny 10 person settlement named Fahrazad. To get there involves a 450km drive from the next largest city Esfahan. The landscape changed from mountains to hills, to ridges, and slowly flattened out onto the flat dry landscape of the, Read More

There are many people out there who would never even consider travelling to Iran. The image broadcast by all traditional media outlets only cover the negative stories, and the stock standard issues (nuclear progress etc). I dont blame you if you have subscribed to this and accepted it as gospel. In fact the whole, Read More

We had come Mo’llam Kelayeh, a tiny village, but a strategic base for the seeing the isolated Alamut Castle. Tomorrow was a long time away. First we needed to find somewhere to bed down. We had heard that a small restaurant offered a room, where we could sleep on the floor for the night. When we, Read More