I stood alone on the edge, peering downwards at the 600-metre vertical drop into Lysefjord. Legend has it that when 7 brothers and 7 sisters marry on the same day in the area, the rock will break free and drop into the fjord below, creating a wave that will destroy all life in the, Read More

Snow-capped peaks, and emerald blue water reflecting vertical rock faces and cascading waterfalls. Geirangafjord deserves its UNESCO world heritage title for a reason. The highlights of this route are to hike up and around the fjord to historic Skagefla farm, then to the summit of Keipane (1379m) for a rewarding view of the surrounding area. 

The most well known hike in the whole of scandinavia, is the Bessegen Ridge. The route itself can actually be considered a day-walk (if taking the boat from Gjendeshiem early morning, then walking back) so I turned the route into a three-day trip utilizing some of the other excellent tracks in the Jotunheimen National, Read More

Norway’s most enjoyable day-hike. We stopped for a minute to catch our breath.  “Where could she be?” Elena asked, between her panting. We had not seen Lucy for almost two hours now. She had a habit of racing ahead of our group of four during our hikes, but would reappear again further along the, Read More