Fire and Ice. If you are like me and have become un-healthily addicted to the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, it will come as no surprise to you that Iceland is portrayed on-screen as a desolate, barren and inhospitable place unfit for all but the toughest of people. For those who have not been here, Read More

Watching the sun set while Dog sledding in Iceland to the sound of panting Husky dogs was surely the highlight of our trip. To get there was exciting enough itself. The drive onto the ice was onto one of the country’s ‘F’ roads that was still officially closed according to the transport authority (and a fence, Read More

A tour through Western Iceland in late Winter (March). We woke to a light sprinkling of snow over the tent, but the conditions weren’t too arctic. We had slept somewhere along state highway 1, about 60km north of Reykjavik. We fired up the Primus Stove and had a hot brew of tea to start, Read More