On the West Coast of Scotland, nestled in the Inner Hebrides Island chain, and recently voted the ‘4th’ best Island in the world by National Geographic.. Stands the Isle of Skye. Mythically rugged and naturally raw, jarring peaks, and harsh Scottish weather combine to create an outdoor playground like no other. And thats not, Read More

The Cuillin Ridge is a somewhat continuos ridge-crest famous with thrill seekers, munro (scottish peaks) baggers and rock climbers. Although low altitude, the Cuillins can be considered the only alpine quality route in the UK. But dont let the lone wolf fool you. Because of its fickle position on the Isle of the Skye on, Read More

  I stood alone on the edge, peering downwards at the 600-metre vertical drop into Lysefjord. Legend has it that when 7 brothers and 7 sisters marry on the same day in the area, the rock will break free and drop into the fjord below, creating a wave that will destroy all life in the, Read More

Snow-capped peaks, and emerald blue water reflecting vertical rock faces and cascading waterfalls. Geirangafjord deserves its UNESCO world heritage title for a reason. The highlights of this route are to hike up and around the fjord to historic Skagefla farm, then to the summit of Keipane (1379m) for a rewarding view of the surrounding area. 

There are over a thousand islands along the Coast of Croatia, in the Adriatic Sea. They range from small rocks emerging from the sea; to large resort laden islands with total mainland infrastructure! Vis Island is a modest 90 Square Km (34.85 square miles) in area and has small roads joining the towns spread, Read More

It was a cloudless day as I ascended smoothly inside a carriage on the Aiguille du Midi Cable car. The name translates as ‘Needle of the Noon’. Quite literally, when the sun passes over the Summit, it is past mid-day (when viewed from Chamonix). The cable car, or, Téléphérique de l’Aiguille du Midi holds, Read More

Fire and Ice. If you are like me and have become un-healthily addicted to the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, it will come as no surprise to you that Iceland is portrayed on-screen as a desolate, barren and inhospitable place unfit for all but the toughest of people. For those who have not been here, Read More

The most well known hike in the whole of scandinavia, is the Bessegen Ridge. The route itself can actually be considered a day-walk (if taking the boat from Gjendeshiem early morning, then walking back) so I turned the route into a three-day trip utilizing some of the other excellent tracks in the Jotunheimen National, Read More

Watching the sun set while Dog sledding in Iceland to the sound of panting Husky dogs was surely the highlight of our trip. To get there was exciting enough itself. The drive onto the ice was onto one of the country’s ‘F’ roads that was still officially closed according to the transport authority (and a fence, Read More

Norway’s most enjoyable day-hike. We stopped for a minute to catch our breath.  “Where could she be?” Elena asked, between her panting. We had not seen Lucy for almost two hours now. She had a habit of racing ahead of our group of four during our hikes, but would reappear again further along the, Read More

A tour through Western Iceland in late Winter (March). We woke to a light sprinkling of snow over the tent, but the conditions weren’t too arctic. We had slept somewhere along state highway 1, about 60km north of Reykjavik. We fired up the Primus Stove and had a hot brew of tea to start, Read More

Schloss Neuschwanstein, the the fairytale castle, the inspiration for Disney’s logo, and with 1.4 million visitors a year.. One of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions. However, visit during the middle of winter as I did, when snow is falling from the sky, and the wind is blowing you sideways.. And you may consider yourself, Read More