Welcome to the nomadPassage.

This website is an attempt to make the world feel that little bit smaller, and more accessible for everyone.
By travelling to the worlds most remote locations, busiest cities, deserted outposts and harsh environments, and returning unscathed to tell a story or two.
We can bring these locations closer to home, and encourage others to take the hardest step there is when it comes to travelling. Stepping out of the door! 

At the moment these are only a collection of my travel stories, with more to come soon. But I would like this site to be editable by all, so once you’ve scaled that 8000 metre peak, skii’d your way down your first black run, or snuck past a security fence to access your local running track – you have easy, free and attractive platform to share your stories with like-minded people all around the world!

Back to the airport!

Gary Lewis
#1 Nomad.